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Definition et nature of the personal data to be protected

When using our website, we may ask you to share your personal data with us.
The term "personal data" means all data concerning your personal identification such as: last name, first name, pseudonym, picture, home address, email address, phone number, birth date, data related to commercial transactions, credit card numbers, as well as any other data provided by you.

Purpose of the document

The purpose of the document is to inform you on the methods we use to collect your personal data, with the strictest respect of your rights.
We want you to know that we comply with the provisions of French law no.78-17 dated 6 January 1978 relating to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, in its current version.

Identity of the company collecting the data

The identity of the company collecting your personal data is A Man in Paris SARL, a limited liability company registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 793 644 048 00019, headquartered 27 rue Rousselet 75007 Paris, France.

Collection of personal data

Your personal data is collected for the following purposes:

(I) To deal with your personal access on the website,

(II) To deal with customer relationship management: contracts, orders, deliveries, invoices, loyalty program,

(III) To build a file of registered members, users, clients and leads,

(IV) To send newsletters, incentives and promotional emails. In the case you would not like to be part of that file, feel free to let us know when we are collecting your personal data,

(V) To set up statistics regarding the sales and the website's traffic,

(VI) To organize online games, competitions, lotteries and any other incentives but gambling activities subject to the approval of the ARJEL, the competent authority,

(VII) To get feedbacks on our services,

(VIII) To deal with non-payments and the potential litigations when using our services,

(IX) To comply with the legal and statutory obligations.

When collecting your personal data, we inform you if some is mandatory or optional. We also inform you with the consequences of not sharing that specific data.

Recipient of the data collected

Company employees and subcontractors will access your personal data.
Public organizations as well as judicial officers may also access your personal data for legal purposes.

Transfer of your personal data

Your personal data may be transferred, rented or exchanged to third parties. In case you would not, you can tick a dedicated case when you are sharing your personal data.

Duration of data storage

(I) Regarding the data related to the management of customers and leads:

Your personal data will not be stored beyond the necessary period of time to manage the commercial relationship with you. Yet, in accordance with the law, we may store for a longer period of time all the data constitutive of a proof of a right or of a contract.

Regarding potential commercial operations with leads, their personal data may be stored for a three years period from the end of the commercial relation.

The personal data related to a lead, that is not a client, may be stored for a three years period from the last collection of data shared by the lead.

After three years, we may contact the lead to know if he still wants to receive commercial offers.

(II) Regarding ID documents:

If a right of withdrawal was introduced, the data related to ID documents may be stored for a period of one year in accordance with Article 9 of the Criminal Procedure Code. If a right of opposition was introduced, the data may be stored for a period of three years in accordance with Article 8 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

(III) Regarding the data related to credit cards:

The financial transactions related to purchases and fees on the website are assigned to a service provider that delivers proper execution and security.

When delivering the service, that service provider may be the recipient of your personal data related to your credit cards numbers, and as a consequence collect and store them in the name and on behalf of A Man in Paris SARL.

We do not have access to that data.

To help you carry out purchases or pay fees on the website, the data related to your credit cards is stored as long as you are registered on the website and at worst when you carry out your last transaction on the website.

When ticking the case provided on that purpose, you intentionally allow us to store your credit cards numbers.

The data related to the visual cryptogram (CVV) appearing on your credit cards is not stored.

If you do not want the data related to your credit cards numbers to be stored in the above conditions, we will not store it beyond the appropriate time to carry out the transaction.

At all events, the data related to your credit cards numbers may be stored thirteen months as a matter of proof in a case of a dispute in accordance with the Article L 133-24 of the Monetary and Financial Code. The delay may be extented to fifteen months to take into account credit cards with post payment.

(IV) Regarding the management of the clients' list opposed to commercial prospection:

The data related to your opposition to commercial prospection is stored three months at least from the date you used your right of opposition.

(V) Regarding the statistics related to the website's traffic:

The data stored in the users' device or any other item used to track them will not be store more than six months.


We ensure you that all practical precautions are taken, appropriate organizational and technical measures to preserve the integrity and the confidentiality of your personal data and we make specifically sure that it is not modified, damaged or that non allowed third parties access it. We use secure payment system in accordance with the most advanced techniques and the current law.


Cookies are text files, often crypted, stored in your browser. They are created when the browser user downloads a website: the website sends data to the browser which creates a cookie. The browser collects and sends the file to the server of the website everytime the user connects to the website.

They are two types of cookies and they do not have the same purpose: technical cookies and advertising cookies:

(I) Technical cookies are used during all your web browsing in order to ease and carry out some functions. A technical cookie can be used to remember answers in a form or the user preferences related to the language or to the website presentation when such options are available.

(II) Advertising cookies may be created by the website the user is visiting but also by other websites broadcasting advertisements, notices, widgets or any other item on the page displayed. Advertising cookies may be used for targeted advertising, that means advertising related to the user profile.

We may use technical cookies. They are stored in your browser for a period of time that can not exceed six months.

We do not use advertising cookies. If we should in the future, we would inform you before and you would have the option to desactivate it.

We use Google Analitycs, a tool that creates a cookie to measure the traffic on our website. Your IP address is also collected to identify from wich city you are connected. The cookie is stored for a period of time mentionned in the Article 7 of this document.

We remind you that you can refuse cookies in your browser settings. Please note that this action could affect a proper navigation on our website.


When you share your personal data, you have to give your agreement for the collect and the use in accordance with the current document and the law.

Access to your personal data

In accordance with with the provisions of French law no.78-17 dated 6 January 1978 relating to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, you can get your personal data transferred to modify or delete it. You may also contact us at the following addresses:

- Email address: hello(a)amaninparis.com

- Office Address: A Man in Paris 27 rue Rousselet 75007 Paris, FranceĀ 

We have also to remind you that anyone can use his right of opposition regarding the use of his personal data.


We reserve the right to modify the present document anytime in whole or in part. Theses changes will come into force from the publication of the new document. If you use the website when the new document has been published, you acknowledge and accept it. Otherwhise, do not connect to our website anymore.

Entry into force

The present document came into force on 4 September 2012.


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